Monday, September 3, 2007

Back On Track!!

Its been a while this blog hasnt update with some news and whatsnot,
times flies so fast and we just did 9 releases so far , the latest one
is Germany's monster Zann '3 years in the desert' tape ,
re-issue from the CD/LP with the same album/cover artwork.
please write to order, its limited to 200 copies.

utarid:tapes myspace account has been hacked, please
add us again if you haven't -
you can check all the bands in u:t roster there.

Some plan has been cancelled and some of releases is still in planning stage ,
cross your finger for this awesome tapes from the awesome bands!

UT10 : Violent Breakfast 'Nient' altro che tempo' tape
UT11 : Enoch Ardon 'demo' tape
UT12 : Ila Mitra 'satyagraha' tape
UT13 : Mr.Willis Of Ohio 'collection' tape
UT14 : Rollergirls 'tba' tape
UT15 : Qu├ębec / Majorca - split live tape

again write me to this email for correspondence -

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Welcome to utarid:tapes!!!

This is tape label from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
run by me Arwith Utarid , please take note that this is not a band , some people misunderstood that this is my old band , Utarid broke up a long time ago, then i decided to changed my label name from Perspective Records to Utarid:tapes , since there's a big major label already use the name.

My first release was a My Disco! 'South East Asia Tour' tape co-released with Propamedia who run by Kidd & Niesa of Mass Separation , this tape happened to support their tour in SEA , and I'm not intend to become a full label after their tour, until i decided to after i came back from Utarid European Tour 2005 , there's a lot of bands need a help to release their stuff , whether its locally or internationally , this is where its started. feel free to write me -->

This is what I have released so far;

Past :

UT01 - My Disco! - 'sea tour' tape - SOLD OUT!

UT02 - Daighila 'demo' tape - SOLD OUT!

UT03 - Cease Upon The Capitol 's/t' tape - still HOT!

UT04 - Fujicolor 'demo' tape - SOLD OUT!

Present :

UT05 - Blood On Wedding Dress ' hey apple! 0506 collection' tape

UT06 - Killeur Calculateur 'demo' tape

Future :

UT07 - Noisy Sins of The Insect / Daighila split tape

UT08 - Kinsfolk 'demo' tape

UT09 - Pheonix Bodies 'raise the bullshit flag' tape

UT10 - Ila Mitra 'satyagraha' tape

UT11 - Calling Gina Clark 'discographie' tape

UT12 - Deadtooth 'demo' tape

UT13 - Bolz'n 'spaltfunktion' tape

UT14 - Kah-Roe-Shi 'demo' tape

UT15 - Mr. Willis Of Ohio 'collection' tape

UT16 - The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra 'discography' tape

UT17 - La Quiete 'tenpeun 01-05' tape

UT18 - A Fine Boat,That Coffin 'collecting nails' tape

(*all releases are subject to change of order of release)